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Container Hire


We have an extensive range of shipping containers available for hire within metropolitan Perth and regional WA, from as little as $3 per day plus associated transport charges etc.

Sea Containers are the ideal temporary storage unit or transport unit. Whether it be for a short term project or long term hire we’ll find a unit to meet your needs.

At Sea Containers WA we can provide delivery generally within 24 – 48 hrs within the Perth metropolitan area. Country W.A. will take a little longer.

Our most common hire containers are 10ft,  20ft and 40ft dry shipping containers. Some of the more popular uses are;

  • Storage of household furniture whilst renovating.
  • Self Storage of excess household items when a shed just won’t do.
  • Archive and general storage for businesses.
  • Onsite lockable storage for construction and building companies.

The attractive features of shipping containers for storage make them the ideal solution, given they provide robust, safe, secure and vermin proof additional space at a very reasonable price.

Why Choose Sea Containers WA?

  • The perfect storage solution for any household or business.
  • SCWA can generally provide you with a new container within 24-48hrs.
  • Hire containers come with a Lock Box as standard for additional security.
  • Large range of containers available for hire:
    • 10ft 20ft and 40ft standard containers
    • 20ft and 40ft shelving containers
    • Refrigerated Containers
    • Flat Racks
    • Dangerous Goods Containers
    • DNV Offshore Containers
    • Half heights
    • And much much more……..

Many customers throughout Perth currently hire shipping containers from us already fitted with shelving systems, personal access doors, windows, lighting, roller doors or a myriad of other options.

In addition to hiring out standard dry containers, we also offer a range of refrigerated and chiller containers for storage of food, drinks or any other temperature controlled products. Our refrigerated containers are available in standard 3phase 20ft or 40ft sizes, but we can also custom build to requirements. Additionally we can provide refrigerated containers for hire that have special butchers' doors fitted, with internal lights too, making them much easier for young adults or ladies to open and close as opposed to the traditional heavy container doors.

Did you know that we can arrange hiring of containers for metropolitan Perth or country WA and dehiring at any locations in Australia? Contact one of our friendly team via the "Get a Quick Quote" link to find out how.

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"Hey Guys, We just finished the securing of the container and it looks amazing. Thank you very much for your help, your professionalism and your patience. We really appreciated working with you."
Antoine Amory, Sea Shepherd Global
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